Our Mission

Weeaboos. Nerds. Geeks. Losers. Perverts. Loners. These are the names we are given by those who do not understand our obsessions with anime and video games – or even asian culture, actually. We’re cast out, made fun of, and even laughed at by our peers, our loved ones, and those we cherish most. When the plot takes that unexpected twist or heated conflict arises between two characters; when our favorite character dies; who do we have to turn to and confide in about our late hours marathoning shows? Who will lend us a shoulder when our favorite manga finally comes to an end? Who can we complain to when the skin on our thumbs is rubbed off thanks to non-stop gaming?

Each other. Project Otaku is an effort at achieving a promise the internet is ripe for fulfilling: a sense of belonging to a larger community. Our website has no monetary aims. We can’t promise to pay our writers, contributors, social media, or moderators. We’re a group of broke ass sub-culture enthusiasts, who will deliver as much heart to Project Otaku as we humanly can. We’re over-opinionated and over-passionate. We’re anibloggers, to the fullest.

And by “we,” we mean all of you.