Review: Sword Art Online II 8

Sword Art Online II. A-1 Pictures. 2014.

Sword Art Online meets Battle Royale in this week’s episode, pitching the finalists of the Bullet of Bullets against one another in a massive field where the last one standing is the winner. Despite the film being released in 2000, the idea of Battle Royale has become a recurring theme more and more often in recent years. In Sword Art Online, the results aren’t ... Read More »

Review: Azumanga Daioh (2002)

Azumanga Daioh. J.C. Staff. (2002)

Alright, I admit it. This week’s review only took me two days to work on. Why? Well, after Toradora! I just couldn’t focus on anything. I tried to finish this review early, but I could only watch one episode at a time because my mind was so fixated on Toradora! that I had to watch the series a second time ... Read More »

Review: Tokyo Ghoul 8

Tokyo Ghoul. Studio Pierrot. 2014.

Hinami proves to be one badass little girl in this week’s episode of Tokyo Ghoul, showing us that she’s far more human than the Doves are by a long shot. After losing her mother to them two episodes ago, it’s no surprise that she’d yearn to be with her parents once more and it shows us just how sick Mado truly is that ... Read More »

Review: Mononoke (2007)


I find that good anime don’t try to be everything at once.  They know what their focus is and stick to it.  A great example of this is Mononoke (who would’ve guessed?).  It knows that it wants to be creepy, so it makes sure that every element of itself is directed towards that end.  The story is well paced and ... Read More »

Review: Free! Eternal Summer 8

Free! Eternal Summer. Kyoto Animation. 2014.

Finally, a full fledged, Mamakoto episode of Free! Eternal Summer! It wouldn’t be an over exaggeration if I were to say that it has felt like we’ve been waiting forever for this. Makoto’s nicknamed is well-earned given his behavior over past episodes; he is like the mother hen to our group and is always there to make sure that everyone ... Read More »

Review: Sword Art Online II 7

Sword Art Online II. A-1 Pictures. 2014.

This week’s episode of Sword Art Online brings Asuna back into the mix (briefly) and totally hones in on the post traumatic stress that affects both Kirito and Asada. It’s a nice reprieve from the almost unaffected way Kirito appeared in the first couple episodes of the series and definitely adds a touch of realism to his feelings. Simultaneously, we get ... Read More »

Review: Sailor Moon Crystal 4

Sailor Moon Crystal. Toei Animation. 2014.

After eight weeks, we’re finally hitting episode four of Sailor Moon Crystal, with our next scout three weeks away. That’s great and all, if it weren’t for the fact that each episode seems to bring with it more low-quality animation. After my scathing review of episode one, I tried not to focus so much on the animation. With that in mind, ... Read More »