Review: Zankyou no Terror 9


Whether it was intentionally planned or a coincidence, Zankyou no Terror’s episode 9 out of 11, just so happens to air on the thirteen anniversary of the September 11 attacks. Just like how those terrible events of that day was a momentous pivotal point in world history, this episode pulls out all the stops to give viewers some of the ... Read More »

Review: Rave Master (1)


  The only thing better than setting off on a quest to save the world is setting off on a quest to save the world with a giant sword and a weird dog-thing that actually… probably isn’t a dog. What I’m talking about is Rave Master, the lesser known work by Hiro Mashima, the creator of Fairy Tail. I’m all for strange ... Read More »

Review: Gingitsune (2013)

Gingitsune. Diomedea. (2013)

I’ve been think a lot about the future lately and that scares me. Generally, when I start thinking, that’s grounds to be worried. But there is little point in freaking out about the unknown. Rather, we should focus on planning for it. As such, this week I’d like to talk about an anime that has this very message to it. ... Read More »

Review: Free! Eternal Summer 9

Free! Eternal Summer. Kyoto Animation. 2014.

If you haven’t watched this week’s episode of Free! Eternal Summer yet, then I suggest not reading any further, as there will be spoilers. With that out of the way, the hype created for fans at the end of last week’s episode did not lead to disappointment. This week’s episode focuses heavily on Haruka and Sousuke as they begin to crumble under ... Read More »

Review: Sword Art Online II 8

Sword Art Online II. A-1 Pictures. 2014.

Sword Art Online meets Battle Royale in this week’s episode, pitching the finalists of the Bullet of Bullets against one another in a massive field where the last one standing is the winner. Despite the film being released in 2000, the idea of Battle Royale has become a recurring theme more and more often in recent years. In Sword Art Online, the results aren’t ... Read More »