WeeklyTubeShow’s Remix Says “Goodbye”


It was years ago that my friend Saeed introduced me to the WeeklyTubeShow (WTS), a channel devoted to dubbing over Dragon Ball Z clips with the most outlandish charicatures I’d ever seen. Piccolo was obsessed with showing off his “shine” and cracking homophobic jokes, though he ran away like a bitch when Krillin seems to call him gay. WTS’s recent ... Read More »

Huamigra Ink Lauches Its First Manga Project on Kickstarter


From deep within the shadows of the internet, Huamigra Ink Manga Publishing has been rising up as a young American company aiming to make waves in the manga industry. Their goal: to hire fledgling manga artists and writers and jump start their careers. Spearheaded by founder Tanya Burgess, Huamigra Ink plans to develop several major projects in the next few years. Their ... Read More »

Otaku Chats: An Interview with Artist Nagasaka Mago


  Nagasaka Mago, a Japanese friend of mine who recently moved to New York, spends his days chain smoking, painting, and whistling to Bruno Mars in his Queens home. His dream is to become a world famous artist, and he wants to start by having a gallery opening in Chelsea, Manhattan. As a recent college grad with an Art History ... Read More »